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Samsung ProXpress SL-M3320ND Monochrome Laser Printer

Click here to buy Samsung ProXpress SL-M3320ND Monochrome Laser Printer by Samsung. Samsung ProXpress SL-M3320ND Monochrome Laser Printer
by Samsung
0.0 out of 5 stars
At Walmart
on 8-20-2017.

Buy it now from Walmart!
  • Print Speed: Up to 35 ppm
  • Print Resolution: Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

  • Cortex-A5 core processor and built-in memory.

    Owner Reviews, Ratings, Comments and Criticism
    I purchased from Walmart instead of my first choice, online directly from Samsung, because Walmart was $10 cheaper. Wish I stuck with Samsung. First, from the ad it appeared you received everything you needed, Power Cord, USB cable, CD and Quick Installation Guide. However, buying from Walmart only gave you everything but the USB cable. You have to buy that separately on another Walmart webpage; Samsung includes the cable. Fortunately, I had a Samsung USB cable from my previous Samsung ML-1750 Monochrome Printer, and it fits and works just fine. I spoke directly to Samsung who informed me they usually don't change cable design from one printer model to another.Second, after setting up the printer, I installed the CD. My anti-virus software kept insisting there was malicious malware in a set-up.exe file on the CD which caused multiple scans, reinstalls, and my racing heart. My call to Customer Support at Samsung said they have nothing on their install CDs except printer drivers (sure). When I stated that the machine would not print, he said the drivers were probably outdated and needed to be updated, so he directed me to their Samsung page to download the update. It works. I can now print. It only took 2.5 hours. My old ML-1750 (2004 model) took only 10 minutes! If I could have located a replacement heating element roller for it, I would have bought it and paid a repairman $100 to install it. I LOVED MY ML-1750! Best printer ever!This M3320ND has a larger footprint (wider and taller), it sounds rough when it prints, making it noisier (my ML-1750 was so very quiet), and the print quality is not as good as my ML-1750. All in all, I can survive with this new printer but I sure wish I had my previous ML-1750 which I installed on Jan. 6, 2006, until it died on March 5, 2017. That is 11 years! Wow!To think, all I ever did for my ML-1750 was purchase printer cartridges. Never a repair, never any issues. I can only hope is Samsung hasn't designed this new printer with planned obsolescence and that I may get 11 years of use. My senses tell me it is designed to irreparably fail with 2 years. We will have to see.

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