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Refurbished Dell Optiplex 9010 WA1-0247 Desktop PC with Intel Core i5-3570 Processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive and...

Click here to buy Refurbished Dell Optiplex 9010 WA1-0247 Desktop PC with Intel Core i5-3570 Processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive and... by Dell. Refurbished Dell Optiplex 9010 WA1-0247 Desktop PC with Intel Core i5-3570 Processor, 8GB Memory, 1TB Hard Drive and...
by Dell
0.0 out of 5 stars
At Walmart
on 8-4-2017.

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  • Intel Core i5-3570 processor
  • 8GB memory; 1TB hard drive
  • DVD-RW drive
  • Ethernet
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

  • Refurbished Dell Optiplex 9010 WA1-0247 Desktop PC:
    Key Features and Benefits:
    • Intel Core i5-3570 processor
    • 8GB DDR3 SDRAM system memory (expandable to 32GB)
      Gives you the power to handle most power-hungry applications and tons of multimedia work
    • 1TB SATA hard drive
      Store 666,000 photos, 285,000 songs or 526 hours of HD video and more
    • DVD-RW drive
      Watch movies and read and write CDs and DVDs in multiple formats
    • 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet
      Connect to a broadband modem with wired Ethernet
    • Intel Integrated Graphics

    Additional Features:
    • 10 x USB 2.0 ports, 1 x VGA port, 2 x DisplayPorts, 1 x Ethernet port, 1 x audio out jack, 1 x microphone jack
    • 1 x 5.25 inch external bay, 1 x 3.5 inch internal bay, 2 x PCI Express (x16) slots
    • 13.2 lbs; 11. inch x 3.7 inch x 12.3\"

    • Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
    • Backup and Restore options built into Windows allow you to create safety copies of your most important personal files, so you're always prepared for the worst

    Support and warranty:
    • Refurbished items have a 90 days parts and labor limited warranty
    • Recovery partition on Hard Drive

    What's In The Box:
    • Power cord
    • Quick Start Guide

    To see the manufacturer's specifications for this product, click here.To see a list of our PC Accessories, click here.Trade in your used computer and electronics for more cash to spend at Walmart. Good for your wallet and the environment - click here.

    Owner Reviews, Ratings, Comments and Criticism
    Perhaps it was because all of the other refurbished Dell's (mostly on non-Walmart sites) I had seen clearly identified the I5 cpus as either dual or quad cores, I had no such expectations with this purchase because there was no mention of multiple CPUS. I was elated after booting it up and it identified itself as a 4 cpu processor even though not stated in the description. I was really looking for a non-OS system so that I could install Linux, but the more I shopped the less I could find ANY refurbished Dells without a Windows OS. So at an excellent price I picked this one with a 1TB hard drive. I was able to install a 256MB SSD and install openSuse Linux distro with few problems. And it 's a screamer. Graphics are onboard Intel and I have no display issues whatsoever. I could say it's exceptionally fast, but all reviews are truly relative. I upgraded from an 8 year old Dell Vostro 386(32-bit). I know....I bought a used BMW and were driving a 1976 VW Beetle. But it's an exceptionally great machine. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Inside of the box was spotless....some VERY minor cosmetic scratches on the case....overall a great machine. Oh...and did I mention it's really, REALLY fast. And Walmart has an outstanding return policy. It was definitely a risk for me, and well worth it. And Dell makes great machines. I've had at least 3 in the last 10 years, and they're all workhorses. If you are going to install a Linux distro, go with USB and NOT DVD. That was my one frustration, and it had nothing to do with the box itself.Great value and no regrets!!!!

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