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APC Power Saving Back-UPS NS 1080VA

Click here to buy APC Power Saving Back-UPS NS 1080VA by APC. APC Power Saving Back-UPS NS 1080VA
by APC
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At Walmart
on 7-24-2017.

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  • 1080 VA back UPS
  • 650 watts
  • Input voltage: 120V/output voltage: 120V

  • APC Power Saving Back-UPS NS 1080VA:
    • 1080 VA back-UPS
    • 650 watts
    • Power saving surge protector input voltage: 120V/output voltage: 120V

    Owner Reviews, Ratings, Comments and Criticism
    Purchased a BackUPS Pro model BN1080G, 24 months ago. ISSUE #1: The battery suddenly died and caused the attached computer to abnormally shutdown. The unit had a three-year warranty .. but who has the time to wait for a repair / replacement, while the computer remains unprotected? ISSUE #2: While the model# was sufficient for home-office use (one computer + two monitors), having a small laser printer plugged into a DIFFERENT outlet in the SAME room caused the UPS to constantly and often toggle between battery and AC. This is a KNOWN issue, due to the mere fact that all of the outlets in the room are on the same AC breaker - as it would be in most homes. Hence, the owner is forced to relocate one's laser printer to a different room, merely to suffice this feature / flaw of the APC UPS?! Hence, I am forced to purchase a much larger, more expensive UPS .. more than needed for the small footprint it's managing .. merely to allow me to keep a nearby laser printer. Frustrating at best.

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